Mr. Hinckle’s Wild Ride

Warren Hinckle’s memoir of his life and times in the 1960s If You Have a Lemon, Make Lemonade is a great read, bittersweet for its conjuring of a San Francisco that no longer exists. Hinckle’s early days in Catholic school make for some entertaining hi-jinks and tall tales. Early in the book his pious tormentors are easily found out:

The reformers were freshly aglow with the illuminating theological proposition that the Church was as much human as divine; I knew that was the truth back in the third grade the first time I heard a nun fart.


Inherent Vice movie/novel

Rereading Inherent Vice after seeing the movie and think both are hoots. Jade is the best character in the movie, Doc is the near constant center of the novel. Bigfoot is more sympathetic in the book–the movie dials up his nastiness. The Hope-Coy relationship is truest to both movie and novel. Do wish the movie had the scene where Doc’s parents fall by for a visit–maybe it will be on the DVD.