Notes on Part One of "The Manor"

  1. a multi-character two-family saga, principally that of Calman Jacoby and his 4 daughters
  2. 1863 Poland, a Polish uprising against Russia has been crushed.
  3. Jews now admitted into cities; Calman takes over lease of a manor that belonged to the Count
  4. The Count was sent to Siberia; his son was one of the failed revolutionaries, now in hiding
  5. Miriam is best-realized daughter; falls in love with the Count’s son and elopes to Paris
  6. Other daughters marry Jews; Ezriel gets enlightenment bug, likes secular books, goes to Warsaw to study
  7. lots of good description of nature and business and celebrations. And food
  8. Lots of silly jokes, good with minor details of minor characters (drivers, cooks, maids)
  9. a reader is always aware of non-Jews discussing/observing Jews. Not heavy-handed, more matter-of-fact