Notes on Part 3 of "The Manor"

  1. Nothing goes right for Calman; his kid is a brat, Clara treats him like shit. Finally he packs up and leaves and heads off to live in piety with Jochanan.
  2. Clara hooks up with Lipkin, one of Ezriel’s buddies, and gets pregnant by him. He wants nothing to do with Clara. Her father upbraids her, but there’s nothing he can do; Calman signed over his business affairs to his son-in-law Joel.
  3. Chapter 3 features lots of young people in conversation about the future, politics and religion. Ezriel is the focal point–strange how most of the Jacoby daughters are now minor characters compared to their husbands, but still they loom large, especially Miraim who remains outcast.
  4. Singer’s good with the shift in perspective of the young. The prose is more lively and deals with harsh matters harshly, not the calm tones of Calman when he was on the upswing.
  5. 50 pages left