On the similes in Walker Percy’s The Thanatos Syndrome

Percy is having great fun in The Thanatos Syndrome as his hero Tom Morea psychiatrist recently released from a 2-year prison spell for selling uppers to truck driversmakes his way back to work, marriage, and life itself. 
Here are my favorite similes from the first third of the novel:

There in the garbage can, sure enough, a very dead rat with a drop of blood hanging like a ruby from its nose.

She winked at me, like a schoolchild who’s just learned a dirty joke.

He’s dressed too carefully in suit and vest, like a local doctor summoned before a congressional committee.

He is graceful and conscious of his gracefulness, like an actor.

Bob shrugs and turns away, his eyes suddenly distant and preoccupied, like an unsuccessful suitor.

I am able to sit still and notice things, like a man just out of prison, which I am, and glad of it.