Reaching new lows

I neglected to mention last year that Janet Maslin yet again fawned over a dumb Lee Child novel. I know it is a dumb novel without reading it, because dumb novels are what Child does. I am certain the book is filled with big dumb Jack Reacher being big and dumb everywhere he goes.

Last year the movie “Jack Reacher” came out staring little Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, and the movie is a hoot. It is too cute at times to be a noir, and it is not a procedural–call it a fun b-grade popcorn movie.¬†Christopher McQuarrie wrote and directed the movie, and he is a talent, the writer of the great “The Usual Suspects” and the decent “Valkyrie,” which starred tiny Tom as a good little Nazi. The movie “Jack ¬†Reacher” is full of wit and silliness and some rough stuff, and I was entertained. Lee Child has a cameo sitting down, tinier even than Tom.